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  • Rug Cleaning & Restoration Experts

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  • Rug Cleaning & Restoration Experts

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  • Pet Urine & Odor Removal Specialist

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    Rug Cleaning & Restoration Experts

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    Training & Certifications

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Deodorizing & Sanitizing

article-logoWe understand that accidents that will occur on our fine area rugs. Water damage intrusion from a broken pipe, our beloved pets will have accidents, or even everyday foot traffic can deposit unwanted bacteria and odors on our rugs. Maybe you simply want to take precaution against unwanted bacteria and germs that hide in your rug fibers.

If an area rug is as central to your living space as the sofa or TV, we know you want it to be clean and safe for your loved ones. Our efforts to thoroughly clean and deodorize your area rug will give you peace of mind knowing your home is clean, healthy, and odor free!