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  • Rug Cleaning & Restoration Experts

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  • Rug Cleaning & Restoration Experts

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  • Pet Urine & Odor Removal Specialist

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    Rug Cleaning & Restoration Experts

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    Training & Certifications

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 Video Gallery: Informational

How Often Should I Clean? How Should You Vacuum Your Area Rugs? The two Mistakes Made By Most Rug Owners… and Maybe You!
Why You Should Never Let A Carpet Cleaner Clean Your Area Rug In Your Home Pet Urine and Rugs How Can You Identify Moth And Bug Damage On Your Rugs?
How Can You Protect Your Rug From Moths And Bugs? Understanding Tea-Washed Rugs Understanding Abrash (Why Does My Rug Have Stripes)
Understanding White Knots (Rug Freckles or Foundation Knots) Understanding Tufted Rugs

 Video Gallery: Water Removal

Water Removal 1 Water Removal 2 Water Removal 3
Water Removal 4

 Video Gallery: Rug Rinsing

Rug Rinsing

 Image Gallery: Bleed Test

 Image Gallery: Latex Backing

 Image Gallery: Fringe Repair 1

 Image Gallery: Fringe Repair 2

 Image Gallery: Fringe Repair 3

 Image Gallery: Clean Fringe

 Image Gallery: Reattach Strap

 Image Gallery: Rug Repair

 Image Gallery: Rug Cleaning

 Image Gallery: Repairing Side Cord

 Image Gallery: Preparing To Be Washed

 Image Gallery: Rinsing Rug Centrifuge

 Image Gallery: Reception Area

 Image Gallery: Before/After Photos