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Rug Cleaning

article-logoWe understand that your delicate fabrics are an expensive investment that, unlike regular carpets and upholstery, can last up to 150 years or more with proper care and attention. That’s why we ensure that your area & oriental rugs are carefully treated only by our certified, trained area rug specialists in our unique plant using a process combining Old World craftsmanship, new technology, and powerful yet gentle cleaning solutions.

At Oriental Rug Cleaner, we take pride in our craftsmanship and our ability to provide you with excellent customer service. We provide complete fine area rug repair and cleaning to extend the life and value of your investment or family heirloom!

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The Process

Oriental rugs require the highest level of knowledge and expertise to be cleaned properly. The age and variety of construction methods (hand tied, machine made, hand tufted, woven, natural or synthetic dyes) and yarn types (silk, wool, cotton, jute, acrylic, rayon, etc.) may require any of about 50 cleaning techniques!

Our technicians are the experts! They go through rigorous training and education programs to acquire the knowledge and experience we require when evaluating your family heirloom or newest treasure. They have been trained to use the latest technology along with tried-and-true methods to mimic old world rug washing techniques and thoroughly clean and protect your investment.

We also offer moth treatments, anti-allergen treatments and fabric protection – All pet safe!

Step 1: Initial Inspection & Check In
When we receive your rug, it is carefully inspected for spots and stains, soiling conditions, wear patterns, repair needs and other areas of concern such as pet odors, etc. We then measure your rug and create a personalized rug care procedure, tailored to each piece.

Depending on the type of material that was used to make your rug, we test your rug to see.

Step 2: Dry Soil Removal
The next step in your rug’s treatment is to remove dry soils. The dusting process is actually the most important step in the process of rug cleaning. We use an rug dusting system which allows us to control the speed and the vibration of each individual rug.

Dry soil removal is critically important to restoring the appearance and maintaining the life of your rug. All those deeply embedded dry soils are abrasive and saw away at rug fibers like sandpaper every time you walk across your rug!

At Oriental Rug Cleaner, we remove the dry soil from deep in the foundation of your rug with a proprietary rug duster that shakes loose all the dry particulate soil that has accumulated in the rug. Pounds of dry soils are safely removed from the back of the rug without any risk of damage to the rug, fibers or fringe. We can see years of dirt and dust fall away!

Step 3: Initial Rinsing
After we remove the dry soil from the rugs, they are thoroughly rinsed multiple times to remove contaminants and cleaning products. We continuously evaluate our progress by monitoring the quality of the water removed from the rug.

If the rug has been exposed to pet urine, we implement another specialized process, and treat the fibers with a special cleaning solution in order to remove any urine salts. Click here to learn more about pet odor and urine removal.

Step 4: Washing
The rug treatment process continues as your rug is gently washed. Based on the age, fiber type, and construction of your rug, we will use a combination of hand washing and washing with our specialized equipment.

Using age old hand washing techniques, soils are removed and the appearance of your rug is renewed.

In some cases, special cleaning agents are added to aid in the cleaning process and to insure that colors are restored to their very best appearance and that dye stability or dye transfer is never a problem.

This system is so safe that we often clean even priceless heirlooms and sensitive foundation antiques with complete confidence!

Step 5: Wet Soil Removal
Once the rugs are thoroughly cleaned, we ring the fibers to flush away the rug of any residual cleaning products, pet urine stains, or soil.

Step 6: Final Rinsing
During this step, our team determines the best rinsing process for your specific rug type. Whether your rug will benefit from using the standard rinsing option or our cutting edge High Flow Water Rinsing System (H.F.W. Rug Rinsing System). The rugs are thoroughly rinsed multiple times to remove contaminants and cleaning product residue. We continuously evaluate our progress by monitoring the quality of the water removed from the rug. Only when the water runs clear the rugs are prepared for the next step.

Step 7: Water Removal
Once your rug is clean, we utilize a rug wringing centrifuge that is designed to quickly remove water from your rug in order to speed up the drying process. This process is much like the spin cycle on your washing machine!

Our special centrifuge allows us to dramatically accelerate the drying process. No longer do you have to wait weeks to have a clean rug back in place in your home!

Step 8: Final Drying & Inspection
When your rug comes out of the centrifuge it is hung on a special rack to complete the drying phase. Air is gently circulated to further speed the evaporation process.

Step 9: Final Detail Cleaning, Post Inspections, Final Grooming , etc.
After final inspection, if your rug needs any fringe repair this happens now. First, we comb out all the fringe and make any necessary repairs that were found during inspection.

Once completely dry, your rug will be rolled and wrapped for final delivery.